SR22 Car Insurance

SR22 Car Insurance

An Sr22 Document Is Often Required if Your Driving History Includes Any of The Following:

  • A DUI or DWI
  • An accident without car insurance
  • Inconsistent auto insurance coverage
  • Repeated traffic violations

The insurance agents at Bill Blake Auto Insurance can help provide you with this certification and with the insurance you need. Visit any of our branches in the Memphis, TN, area if you are in need of an SR22 document and high-risk car insurance. We’ll sit down with you to see if we can help you get back out on the road.

Cheap SR22 Car Insurance in Memphis, Tennessee

In the United States, drivers must carry SR22 car insurance to demonstrate that they are meeting minimum insurance requirements. Minimum insurance requirements vary from state to state and are meant to ensure that other motorists’ financial security is not jeopardized. Often, insurance rates will increase by over $1,200 if a driver has a DUI on their record. To get the lowest possible rate, shop around for a policy and look for the cheapest option available.

SR22 car insurance is required by the state when a person’s license is suspended or revocation is pending. Other reasons for requiring SR22 coverage include major traffic violations, at-fault accidents, a history of DUI or DWI, and failing to pay child support. It’s not a bad idea to maintain SR22 coverage, but the key is to make sure you pay your premiums on time.

If you are required by the DMV to carry SR22 car insurance, you can search for a policy that covers it. Many insurance providers offer SR22 coverage, but some may not be willing to provide it for people with major traffic violations. Some companies may also deny coverage to drivers who must carry SR22 car insurance. Because of this, it’s important to shop around for SR22 coverage. However, keep in mind that insurance companies consider a person’s state, marriage status, age, and marital status when calculating premiums.

Non-owner SR22 car insurance quotes are available through individual companies and agents. Sometimes, a policyholder can get a quote online but may have to visit an insurance agent in person to purchase the policy. The cost of SR22 car insurance can increase substantially, so it’s important to find a policy with a high enough deductible. Premium costs also depend on the type of vehicle a driver drives. Luxury cars and high-quality vehicles are generally more expensive than regular sedans and vehicles with lower safety ratings. Other ways to reduce premium costs include paying in advance and setting up automatic withdrawals.


  • Points on their license
  • Multiple traffic tickets/violations
  • No current insurance coverage
  • Accident history

If you have a relatively imperfect driving history, you may have to get an SR22. An SR22 certification is required by the state to prove that you have a liability insurance or need to meet certain financial requirements.

How Much is SR22 Insurance?

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