Get Back Out on the Road

Get Back Out on the Road

Get non-standard auto insurance in Memphis, TN

If you’ve been searching for car insurance in Memphis, TN, but can’t seem to find anyone to insure you, it can be a frustrating process. It’s probably because you are considered a high-risk driver due to your automobile history. When you have a few experiences under your belt or none at all, the representatives at Bill Blake Auto Insurance will look at your automobile history and attempt to insure you at the best rate possible.

For over 50 years, we’ve insured many drivers who have:

  • Points on their license
  • Multiple traffic tickets/violations
  • No current insurance coverage
  • Accident history

If you have a relatively imperfect driving history, you may have to get an SR22. An SR22 certification is required by the state to prove that you have a liability insurance or need to meet certain financial requirements.

An SR22 document is often required if your driving history includes any of the following:

  • A DUI or DWI
  • An accident without car insurance
  • Inconsistent auto insurance coverage
  • Repeated traffic violations

The insurance agents at Bill Blake Auto Insurance can help provide you with this certification and with the insurance you need. Visit any of our branches in the Memphis, TN, area if you are in need of an SR22 document and high-risk car insurance. We’ll sit down with you to see if we can help you get back out on the road.